Onxariot and the moon Onxarion

This page is dedicated to the research of the planets in the DOO universe. Moons of the planets are not linked on this page.

Well known planetsEdit

Well known planets are planets that have a purpose and are usually occupied by intelligent life.

  • Opeca
  • Onxariot
  • Centopia
  • Goroma
  • Hellm (Ziss)

Random planetsEdit

Random planets are worlds that might not have life or do but have not served a purpose in the DOO line of history.

  • Teyark
  • Arissuns
  • Embroige (EM-broy-jay)
  • Lemoft
  • Lightspring
  • Calagustah

Demon planetsEdit

Demon planets are planets completly run by demons with no resistance or anything on them.

  • Xeles
  • Qaron
  • Itharia
  • Ven'Jori

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